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Proudly Independent | Free UK Postage Over £75


Every business has a story. Here's ours...

Heaton House.

Where it all began

Westmorland Sheepskins was the off shoot of the family business ‘Heatons’ that had spanned over 130 years in Leeds. Heaton’s made sheepskin coats and school uniform (an eclectic, but obviously popular, mix!)

This building is the old Heatona House in Leeds which you can still see as a landmark building in the city. It was built especially for Heaton’s and Howard Heaton (Tim's father) worked here until 1980 as a Buyer, sourcing sheepskins from far and wide, learning about production processes and finally as Sales Director.

Tim, Howard and Joe, the Heaton Family, stood outside house.

What happened next?

Westmorland Sheepskins was started by Howard in 1981 in the old county of Westmorland in the North of England.

Howard had not long left the family business to venture out on his own and moved to the county, wife Joan, and growing young family in tow.

He stuck to what he knew best and started a new business selling sheepskin products. Forty years later, full of highs and lows, and he is still excited by the material and working hard along with his eldest son Joe at shows and markets across the country.

Picture of Westmorland Family. Shows the owners Dom and Tim, with their two children, Huw and Gryff at the beach. Their dog Mali is at the front.

Where we are now

This is us...Tim, who is Howard Heaton's youngest son, and Dominique are the husband-and-wife partnership behind Westmorland Sheepskins Online.

Since he was a boy, Tim has worked in the family business and has developed a passion for sheepskin through his grandfather and dad, whilst also learning how to evolve the business with the times. He saw how his grandfather’s business pivoted from manufacturing to retail, and being able to adapt is a skill he continues to value. Today, Tim manages the logistics and commercial side of the business while bringing a sense of heritage and heart to our brand.

Dominique brings a creative touch to the partnership. With a background in digital in museums and galleries, she looks after development of the business, from products to marketing and has been instrumental in taking Westmorland online. Together, they aim to propel Westmorland into the next 40 years of business!

And then there is the next generation… Huw and Gryff (along with their sidekick, Mali the dog) 😍